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By making it all about discovering extraordinary small-lot coffees in an immersive experience. 

I was hired as a Retail Coffee Packaging Designer so my design duties focused on creating work for freestanding Starbucks stores. However, designers sometimes contributed to projects outside of the department. I was asked to contribute some sketch ideas for what the Starbucks Reserve Coffee offering could like like if we changed the packaging. 

I studied the brand guidelines and came back the next day with some preliminary sketches. Fumi James, Creative Director, looked at the sketches and said ok but what if you were your own agency and you had complete creative freedom? The only thing that must stay: the Star R logo. 

I thought about environments that create an experience, a sense of discovery, a happy place for many. What if we created a very unique coffee experience through packaging that illustrated a small-lot coffee story? I showed my findings along with a sketch and a mockup which lead to me getting a chance to work on every aspect of the project, later to find out it was a new Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room experience. 

Solution: Each coffee packaging features a one-of-a-kind design with a bold visual identity that would entice customers to discover its unique flavor and story. The packaging system conveys discovery through a large partially cropped Star R logo, and flexibility to let designers interpret the origin and science + craft of each coffee lot through custom typography and art. The rebrand extends to the rest of the Roastery experience.

Awards: HOW 2015 In-House Design Award Winner

The Team: Fumi J. (Creative Director), Mike Peck. (Creative Director), Jeffrey F. (V.P. Global Creative), Jennifer S. (Creative Producer) 


My Role: Brand Identity, Packaging, experience

Branding, Experience,






How do you reposition a brand loved around the world for its exclusive and rare coffees?

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