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Corporate Branding, UX/UI, Service Design






Disrupting the Car Service

How Might We

Rebrand and position an accessible but disruptive, on-demand black car service company to be consistently perceived in cities across the nation and soon across the globe?

By creating a sleek brand system based on a universal city grid, conveying Everyone's Private Driver™.

I joined Uber in 2012 as Designer of the Company, understanding my role would be to move the Uber brand away from Uber Taxi and create a scalable brand system as the company started to launch in cities outside of the country.

I entered the role while I was in my final year of school, not knowing much about tech start-ups; the idea of disruption was foreign to me but I learned quickly as breaking news about Uber and how it was disrupting the taxi industry took over headlines.  

I wanted to embrace the idea that anyone can order a black car with a premium experience for about the price of a typical taxi ride, leaning into an 'accessible Tiffany' branding vernacular with a turquoise blue, merging it with a dark ink color to represent the black car service. As I started to craft a cleaner version of the logo by deconstructing it and giving it a new structure, I thought about city maps and how universally gridded they are. I took the grid from the logo development and placed it on an angle, and tiled it to create unique city maps. It was the perfect visual language, simple, unique, and ownable. I added location signal cues to complete the system and worked with the UX team to brand the app and website UI. The brand was released in the Uber App 2.0 release. Everyone's Private Driver™

Additional work I completed while at the company was a valentines day product, "Romance on Demand," the first Uber Cash Credits, city launch marketing materials, and an app launch event titled "#TheRideAhead" to reveal the new app and increase app downloads. 

I left the team in 2013 to finish my degree.

The Team: Shalin A (Lead Designer), John W. (UX Designer), Casey E. (UX Designer), Frederique D.(Product and Engineering Manager), Kevin N (Data Scientist), Scott B. (Senior Engineer), Andi P. (SF Ops)


My Role: Founding Design Team Member focused on defining Brand Identity, Experience Design, UX/UI. 

Romance on Demand Product

Uber Cash

#TheRideAhead Launch Party

Brand Identity Collection

City Maps

Creating the Grid

Refining the Mark



Brand System

App Experience

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